Urn Selection

All-State Cremation Service offers an assortment of artisan-crafted cremation urns starting as low as $150. Five of our most popular $150 models are shown here.  To get started with a selection, click Purchase.
Classic Gold
Formed from Solid Brass
Classic Pewter
Formed from Solid Brass
Ivory Crescent Marble
Polished Cultured Marble
Solid Hardwood, Cherry Finish
Memory Chest
((for plastic urn encasement)
Solid Hardwood, Cherry Finish
What Products and Services are Included?
• Transfer of deceased from place of death to our facility, from anywhere in Indiana
Filing of required paperwork
Sheltering of deceased in temperature-controlled environment
A cremation container
Cremation of the deceased
A plastic cremation urn
Return of cremains

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