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Upon notification of death by a family member or health-care provider, All-State Cremation Service will provide the following services:

1.   Dispatch a first-call vehicle within 30 minutes--or later should a specific pick-up time be requested by the family or health-care provider.

2.   Upon receipt of the deceased we will record the decedent's fingerprint. This fingerprint is retained in AII-State's record center where it is assigned a personal identification number (PIN). This PIN, combined with the identifying fingerprint, provides identity assurance throughout the cremation process, providing added peace-of-mind for the family.

If appropriate, our first-call technician will have the legal next-of-kin sign the cremation authorization form at this time, plus of course answer any questions.

Lastly, the family will be given an information packet that explains what will transpire over the next several days and how they will be involved.

3.   Within 24-hours of picking up the body, All-State will contact the family in reference to the informational packet they were given, the paperwork contained therein, and to obtain biographical information about the deceased necessary for completing the death certificate.

If the cremation authorization was not signed at the time the deceased was picked up, this will also be taken care of at this time.

4.   All-State will enter the deceased's biographical information into the Indiana Death Certificate Registry where the doctor will sign the death certificate.

5.  In accordance with law, the deceased will be sheltered in our temperature-controlled facility for 48 hours following the time of death. Upon completion of the 48-hour waiting period, and receipt of the signed death certificate from the doctor, All-State will proceed with the cremation process.

6.  Following cremation the ashes (cremains) will be placed in the urn selected by the family, then returned to the next of kin or, if requested by the family, held for pick up at our Indianapolis office.

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