Medicaid Package

All-State Cremation Service is committed to providing Indiana families with sensible and affordable alternatives to the traditionally high prices associated with funeral merchandise and services. We pledge to treat all families with compassion and respect, and to maintain the dignity of the deceased at all times.

All-State Cremation Service will provide all of the following items at the mandated Medicaid allowance, anywhere in Indiana.

  1. Professional Services &: Staff: All provided services will be supervised by a licensed funeral director.

  2. Transfer of deceased: The deceased will picked up at the location of death--anywhere in Indiana--and brought to All-State Cremation Service's facility in Indianapolis.

  3. Filing of paperwork:  All required paperwork will be completed and filed with the proper authorities by All-State Cremation Service.

  4. Sheltering of Remains:  The deceased will be sheltered in our temperature-controlled facility until the cremation takes place. In compliance with law, All-State must hold the body for 48 hours following the time of death, plus receive the signed death certificate from the doctor before proceeding with cremation.

  5. Cremation container:  The deceased will placed in a combustible casket-like container for the cremation process.

  6. Cremation:  The body, housed in the cremation container, is placed in the cremation chamber where, over a period of several hours, it is transformed by intense heat to state of small bone fragments, called cremains. The cremains typically weigh from three to eight pounds.

  7. Cremation Urn:  The cremains will be placed in an urn that is chosen by the family from All State's selection of Solid Brass, Cultured Marble or Solid Hardwood cremation urns.

  8. Return of Cremains:  The cremated remains may be picked up by the family at our Indianapolis office or we will have them delivered to the next of kin.

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