Who is All-State Cremation Service?
All-State Cremation Service is a family-owned funeral provider based in Indianapolis. It specializes in providing consumers with economical and sensible alternatives to the traditionally high prices associated with funeral merchandise and services. Its owners/operators have more than 35 years of funeral experience, assuring compassionate treatment of families and respectful care of the deceased.

How is Cremation Accomplished?
In the cremation process, the body is placed in a combustible cremation container, which replaces the traditional burial casket. It is then placed in a cremation chamber where, over a period of several hours, it is transformed by intense heat to a state of small bone fragments, called cremains. The cremains, typically weighing from three to eight pounds, are then placed in a cremation urn.

What Do Most People Do with the Cremated Remains?
The choice is entirely yours. Many people choose to keep the urn at home; others display it in a columbarium niche at a mausoleum. If you already own a burial plot, you may choose to inter the urn there. Cemeteries often permit the interment of cremated remains of several people in a single burial space. No-cost options include interring the urn or scattering the cremains on your own land. Scattering the cremains on a public waterway is also permissible, and no permit is required.

Can We Upgrade to an Ornate Cremation Urn, One More Suitable for Display?
Of course you can. All-State Cremation Service offers an assortment of artisan-crafted cremation urns starting as low as $150. Five of our most popular $150 models are shown here. But you don’t have to limit your choice to products manufactured to serve exclusively as cremation urns; other containers may serve quite well, and possibly at even lower cost. You might consider looking for a suitable container in a department or home decor store before buying a specially crafted cremation urn. However, if you intend to display the urn in a columbarium niche, be sure to first check with your chosen cemetery to be sure that a substitute cremains container will be accepted.
What Products and Services are Included?
• Transfer of deceased from place of death to our facility, from anywhere in Indiana
Filing of required paperwork
Sheltering of deceased in temperature-controlled environment
A cremation container
Cremation of the deceased
A plastic cremation urn
Return of cremains

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